You may email me at Please call   712/520-4772 for more information and to schedule your Creative Session.  You are also welcome to text the above number, or you can catch Images By Tracy Lovett on Facebook and shoot me a message there. You can purchase beautiful pictures of animals, landscapes, and other Nature Photography Here.

Once upon a time I was a girl in a swimming pool.  I spent six hours a day at the pool, swimming underwater, spellbound by the turquoise water, the silver bubbles, and the peaceful silence.  The smell of coconut suntan oil wafted on the humid air, and Top Forty music streamed out of the tinny speaker.  I wanted to spend the whole of my life there, underwater.  Unfortunatelymy Northern European skin tone didn't agree, but that's a tale for another day.  

So, yes, we do underwater photography.  It's unique, fun, and completely spontaneous work.  Kids are just kids, no posing allowed, and for a brief time, parents relive their own childhoods.  It's good.  Click the photo to see more. 

Underwater Work