Too Hot Tomatoes - Tracy Lovett

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So, I have a friend....that in itself is a miracle, it seems.  I am so busy, and with so many ideas floating in my head all the time, that I have a hard time meeting like-minded folk.  Or, maybe very few people are as crazy as I am, so, when I DO run across a similar soul, I feel pretty lucky.  Sara Holt and I both love art.  We are very different people in many ways--she's a hardcore horse person, living on a farm with her family, and I am not too into horses--in fact, they seem like big dumb dogs with really hard feet, and they disconcert me a bit.  Anyway, we both thought it would be fun to teach art lessons.  And the Too Hot Tomatoes is the result.  And by the way, it IS Too, and not Two--because, as human beings, when we create, we are just TOO HOT.  

We have a little studio space here in Sidney, at 2815 Northridge Dr. to be exact.  We meet there to be creative, to paint, to draw, to just allow our creative spirits to bloom.  We teach guided painting classes, we host painting parties (here, or on location) and we generally try to renew ourselves through art.  Come join us sometime if you have a mind to step outside your comfort zone and put marks on a canvas with brush and paint.  It's very freeing, and in some ways, it sends you back to your childhood.  Click the photo below to see some of the "stuff" we do.