Print Portrait Pricing - Tracy Lovett

You may email me at Please call 712/374-6133 or 712/520-4772 for more information and to schedule your Creative Session.  You are also welcome to text the above number, or you can catch Images By Tracy Lovett on Facebook and shoot me a message there. You can purchase beautiful pictures of animals, landscapes, and other Nature Photography Here.

Print Portrait Packages

We prefer our Portrait Packages to be full of possibilities.  That's why we base them upon the SHEET SYSTEM of ordering.  First off, let's define a Portrait SHEET.

A SHEET is simply whatever fits upon an 8x10 sheet of fine art portrait paper.  So, ONE SHEET equals:

1 8x10 OR

2 5x7's OR

3 4x6's OR

4 3x5's OR

12 Wallets.

We charge $28 per PORTRAIT SHEET.  You get to build your Package with as many SHEETS as you like.  It can include as many or as few photos as you like.  There is NO POSE LIMIT, but we will not put more than one pose on a sheet of Wallets.  We will split up SHEETS of 5x7's, 4x6's and 3x5's, however.  If you just need one or two of these sizes, please see our ALA CARTE PRICES below.  

We find this pricing to be the most flexible for our customer in getting them the sizes they need.  In addition, ALL images in your Portrait Package will be fully cropped, retouched, color balanced and generally look fabulous.  We have years and years of printing experience which you will find reflected in our print work.  

Now for the PERKS of our PACKAGES!  The more SHEETS you order, the more goodies you get!

When you purchase 13 SHEETS, you will receive 3 Digital Files of your choice with a Print License.

When you purchase 16 SHEETS, you will receive the above Files, PLUS an 8x10 Image Collage.

When you purchase 19 SHEETS, you will receive the Files, the Collage AND 2 Mini-Accordion Books (12 images each).

When you purchase 22 SHEETS you will receive ALL of the above PLUS an 11x14 Fine Art Canvas.  


If you wish to purchase a single 3x5 OR a big, beautiful wall portrait, then THIS is your Pricing.  All portraits are printed on an archival, satin finish paper with full retouch.










Canvas Portrait Pricing

Our Fine Art Canvas Portraits are custom-retouched, color-balanced, printed on archival canvas and hand-stretched.  We then clear-coat with brush strokes for that final, finishing touch.  They make beautiful art additions to your wall, and they are light and do not require framing!  In fact, I print only canvases of my own children now, simply because I want the simple, clean lines and ease of hanging.  

4x4 Canvas Blocks (sold only in multiples of 3 or more)........$65 (group of 3)

5x7 Canvas Portraits (multiples of 2)..............$75

8x10 Canvas...............$69

10x10 Canvas............$75

11x14 Canvas.........$89

12x12 Canvas.........$95

12x16 Canvas........$99

16x20 Canvas........$119

16x16 Canvas........$125

10x20 Canvas........$109

20x20 Canvas........$125

20x24 Canvas........$155

20x30 Canvas........$195

Announcments, Invitations and Other FUN STUFF

We are happy to design creative announcments and invitations for graduations, parties of all types, and even weddings!  We are happy to print these for you, or even design your invitation for you for a fee and provide you with a file you can take to a printer.  We also do custom BOOKS,  banners, bookmarks, photo booth picture strips, custom hand-built mosaic tile frames, art, photo-illustrations....LOTS of things.  Please let us know what you are interested in, and we will quote you a price!