You may email me at Please call   712/520-4772 for more information and to schedule your Creative Session.  You are also welcome to text the above number, or you can catch Images By Tracy Lovett on Facebook and shoot me a message there. You can purchase beautiful pictures of animals, landscapes, and other Nature Photography Here.

Sometime I just take photos.  Not for any good reason other than the camera is the tool I have in my hand at the moment I see something that inspires me.  If I had a box of oil paints and a canvas and an easel under my arm (much more difficult to lug than a camera), I'd sit down and paint.  But most often, the camera is around my neck so photographs result. 

Anything seen in the gallery below (click the photo) can be printed up on fine art papers or canvas for display in a home or office or anywhere else.  Contact me for more info on purchasing.  And take some time to look around you--REALLY LOOK.  You never know what you might see.