You may email me at Please call   712/520-4772 for more information and to schedule your Creative Session.  You are also welcome to text the above number, or you can catch Images By Tracy Lovett on Facebook and shoot me a message there. You can purchase beautiful pictures of animals, landscapes, and other Nature Photography Here.

Many years ago, I had some life changes.  Everyone has them.  I had to grow up, I had to figure things out.  So, I wrote some goals.  The first one was to become a photographer.  The second was to become a children's book writer and illustrator.  You've seen the results of the photography all over this site.  This Gallery is all about the world in between my ears--Inclement, Iowa.  It's an awesome place, filled with color and light and mystery.  I'm always thinking about it in the back of my mind, even when I don't have time to go spend the day.  Click the drawing below and check it out.  Maybe you want to purchase a book or two.  You never can tell what will happen in someone's imagination, can you?

Inclement, Iowa